Let's get acquainted. Meet the Fern Valley team.

Four people at the central office of Fern Valley strive on a daily basis to make our group of highly specialized consultants into one team. They make sure that all of our team members feel appreciated, supported and welcome at Fern Valley while cherishing and guarding our core values.

All with different backgrounds, together they merge skills from the recruitment sector and the clinical research operations field. They combine these skills with an open mind, a warm heart and a set of sincere people management abilities. This allows them to create a warm nest for our consultants, the welcoming environment in which the entire team can thrive.

At Fern Valley, we make it our responsibility to be a reliable partner for all the stakeholders we work with. We invite all our clients and candidates to share in and profit from our dynamic. We are always eager and proud to present our wonderful team to our clients and candidates.