People come first

At Fern Valley, wellbeing of our employees is the key word. You can rely on us to take good care of you. We find it essential that you feel good about yourself and that you can be yourself. In our quest for the perfect match, we’ll always look for a work environment where you fit right in, both as a professional and as a person. You can count on us to support your ambitions and to make you feel part of the ‘Fernies’ team: a bunch of open-minded people who are easy to approach and who’ll accept you for who you are.

You’re part of the team

We provide support, training and coaching in every way. But that’s not all. Because we believe a good team spirit is very important, we organize team activities on a regular basis. These informal get-togethers are never mandatory, but always fun. We want everyone to know they belong.

What our people say about us

“Fern Valley is a very inclusive company, with a positive atmosphere. They put a lot of efforts in keeping everyone happy.” 


“Fern Valley is a very people-oriented company. I highly appreciate all the activities that are being organized to enhance the feeling of belonging.”


“The freedom I get, that’s what keeps me at Fern valley. There is a feeling of mutual trust. And whenever you have a problem or need help, you simply pick up the phone. You never stand alone.”


“Focus on people is what characterizes Fern Valley as a company. And that goes both ways: they truly understand the needs of both the clients and the candidates.”


“At Fern Valley, you are really taken care of. They always succeed in finding a project that really fits with what you are looking for. That’s their biggest strength.”

Are you a clinical research professional looking for a company that makes you feel valued? Let's shape the future together.