About us

At Fern Valley, we are committed to your research

Fern Valley is a specialised clinical research services company. Our main focus lies on teaming up the clinical research professional that fits your company best, and vice versa. It's our business to understand what drives your success, but also what energizes our consultants. That is the only way we can be the added value you need, and provide you with the high quality customer service you deserve.

What we do
  • We connect  

Identifying the most suitable candidates is what we do. Thanks to our large network - Fern Valley is a proud member of the Cronos Group - we are able to do that in a proactive way. We strive to connect with highly skilled professionals that combine the necessary competences with the Fern Valley-mindset. Because of our long term approach we are able to maintain the forward momentum and to shift into a higher gear when necessary.

Apart from our own consultants, we also stay connected with a large pool of CR professionals of whom we actively keep track. Their experiences, hopes and aspirations matter to us. This way, we get to know our potential candidates and the career path they're aspiring. Also, we learn how they can provide an answer to our clients' specific needs, even before they have contacted us.

  • We screen, select and match 

During the process of screening and selecting, we take great care in finding the right person for the right job. Listening to all parties involved and understanding the true needs are a crucial part of the process. It's the only way we can provide an accurate match. When matched, we talk the opportunity through with our candidate. We never send a research professional's resume to a client without him or her knowing it. People come first.

  • We outsource

Outsourcing is complex, but for our diverse and experienced team, the practical side of CR services and the recruitment sector has no secrets.  That is why we never stop being an active part of our CR professionals' career. We pride ourselves on working with high level candidates only and, throughout their career, we counsel and coach them on a regular basis.