Staffing Solutions

The profiles we offer

Outsourcing, permanent placement, payrolling and additional training, are only a few of the things our specialists can assist you with. Take a closer look at a selection of the profiles we offer:


  • Clinical operations:

Clinical Trial Assistant

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Study Manager

Clinical Project Manager

Clinical Operation Manager

Clinical Executive Assistant


  • Data Management & Biometrics:

Date Entry Specialist

Data Review Specialist

Data Manager


System Expert

Clinical Business Analyst (Spotfire, VeevaVault,…)


  • Medical Affairs:

Medical Affairs Assistant

Medical Science Liaison

Medical Advisor


  • Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance:

Regulatory Affairs Officer

Pharmacovigilance Officer


  • Clinical Site Support:

Study Nurse

Clinical Trial Assistant

Data Manager

Study Coordinator

Clinical Trial Physician


Why choose Fern Valley: our added value in a nutshell

  • The knowledge and expertise of our team.
  • Our commitment to find the exact person you are looking for.
  • The delivery of high-quality services in a supportive and advising manner.
  • Our people-oriented attitude towards all parties involved.
  • Our accurate follow-up throughout the whole recruitment process.

We aim for long term partnerships

At Fern Valley, we work with a diverse portfolio of pharma, biotech and medical device producing companies. They appreciate our personal and open way of working and the added value our consultants bring to the table.

We aim for long-term partnerships that allow us to grow together with our clients. For this reason, we cater to our clients as much as we do to our candidates. It’s the only way to make our combined journey truly stand out.

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